About Ishva

Ishva comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘offering’ or ‘gift’. At its pulsating heart lies the mission to showcase Indian living civilisational treasures through a modern, elevated aesthetic.

About The Founder

Hi I’m Rohan, Founder and chief-enabler at Ishva. With roots in Mumbai, I have lived and worked all of my career as a marketing professional in London, experiencing first-hand the intersection of cosmopolitan culture and global consumer trends. Sadly in this context, I found the idea of India terribly outdated – usually co-opted as ‘South Asian’ or ‘Desi’, and rarely narrated beyond British or Turkic colonial timelines. Travelling extensively through Europe also made me realise how incredibly valuable India’s indigenous knowledge systems can be, but how little is known about them!

And so, a passion for curation and culture led me to establish Ishva – a 21st-century ode to a thriving, ancient civilisation full of life-positive ideas and goods.

The Platform

As well as being a platform showcasing design and culture ( check out our blog on Indian culture), Ishva also attracts global and local buyers looking to source life-positive products from India consciously, equitably and with a purpose.

Our Brand Showcase is essentially a curated virtual showroom that brings together culturally-rooted Made in India brands, all in one place and with a cosmopolitan aesthetic. Buyers are able to show interest, view product catalogues, and even contact their favourite brands.

There are also plans to host exhibitions, online pop-up’s and webinars – events that bring the retail community together and create a plethora of opportunities for brands to showcase and shine. Join us while we’re at it!

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